Inspiring Capability in Organisations

At Training Attention we create intelligent networks of attention across groups, enabling them to make the most of the experience and expertise of each individual present.

Our mission is to support leaders, in all sectors, to build collaborative, sustainable, peaceful and highly effective organisations.

Our vision is to grow our network, slowly and intelligently, in local and global partnerships, testing and refining our work and supporting the world to move from contempt and conflict, towards curiosity and collaboration.

Recent Blog Posts

Different Rhythms for Different Processes

We are often asked what is the difference between Symbolic Modelling and Systemic Modelling - apart from that one is for working with individuals and the other is for working with groups. 

Clean Interviewing

Over 10 years ago I was invited to adapt Clean Language into a form of police video interviewing for vulnerable witnesses. We already had an adaption of Clean Language for use more conversationally in teams and groups, and this was to be an exciting new application. 

When interviewing witnesses like young children or adults with learning difficulties, it is particularly important that the questions asked do not lead them in any way. It has been shown that unclean questions can lead to false memories and unsound witness statements. 

An Interesting Shift

There's a really interesting shift that Marian and I are noticing within our consultancy.

In the past, most of the big projects that I've won have hinged on one champion working very hard to bring Clean Language and Systemic Modelling into their organisation or service. Most of the people who come on our trainings do so in their own time, funding themselves.

Over the last few months I've noticed that when I'm invited in there are usually two or three people who are calling for a clean approach.

Combining Neuro-Profiling with Clean Language

When there is repeated misunderstanding and miscommunication between colleagues, it is rarely down to the actual content that they are trying to communicate and is much more likely to be down to assumptions, lack of trust or even simply that their brains are hard wired very differently and that they struggle to process the way in which the other communicates.

Within our consultancy, our Metaphors at Work process helps teams and leaders to elicit and develop their underlying metaphors for how they work at their best and how they would like to work together.

Caitlin Walker on TEDx

Caitlin Walker, founder of Training Attention, has written her first book about this work, "From Contempt to Curiosity: Creating the Conditions for Groups to Collaborate using Clean Language & Systemic Modelling."

She spent 15 years working with diverse groups from disaffected teenagers to senior leaders in business and education. Along the way she developed Systemic Modelling, a methodology for encouraging groups to move away from drama and towards collective trust.

The book plots her journey from being an innovative youth worker to developing a highly-sought-after business consultancy, through a series of authentic and ground-breaking stories.

You can read how Systemic Modelling has been used for developing collective trust within classrooms, businesses and communities which in turn creates a context for groups to make the most of one another’s expertise and experience and to begin to collaborate in new and emergent ways.