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Our primary focus for the next couple of months is the launch of Caitlin’s new book From Contempt to Curiosity,  Creating the conditions for groups to collaborate. Using Clean Language and Systemic Modelling. Order a  copy, at £17.95  plus P&P. This is a series of stories from meeting David Grove in 1996 to developing Clean Modelling with Groups, to creating learning communities and finally to the distillation of Systemic Modelling - a process for supporting groups to find sustainable responses to complex problems.



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Caitlin Walker has written a remarkably valuable guide for anyone interested in how the metaphors of our daily life can amplify our group and organizational capacities.
The key to unlocking our obstacles and our ‘stuck processes’ is not in more rational-analytic deliberation or command-control responses – but is here in the room with you right now. If we wish to foster effective teamwork, to reduce stress, and increase organizational engagement and productivity – the answer is in the simple, repeatable processes outlined in Systemic  Modelling. 

Her accounts of these developments across a variety of sectors and organizations creates a pragmatic setting for proving these ideas, and rather engagingly spurs her further questions and learning.
Caitlin writes warmly about her own journey of discovery, and has an eye for subtle insights into the big picture and a knack for putting it across clearly. Here is fresh thinking about the application of David Grove’s Clean Language to groups, and more. 

What did I gain from reading From Contempt to Curiosity, I became more aware of how pathways are available into each person’s own meaning-making. These paths expand and become energized as we ask the right kind of questions – and listen without direction or assumptions. Doing so can dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of communication, with benefits that range from increased quality, safety, and satisfaction to motivation and morale to organizational performance.

Written with simplicity and clarity, it is heavy with wise practicality. You simply can not afford to not know about this if you wish to become a more effective group leader, manager, parent, project manager or executive.

Simon d’Orsogna
Process Consultant and Executive Coach
Melbourne, Australia


This book is a must read – if you are interested in or already working with groups & teams to facilitate change or a reach a specific outcome.  Caitlin’s process is so flexible that it works in extremely diverse areas; from groups of disaffected young people to software programmers, in education & in business, from charities to the international community.

 Caitlin’s belief is that the answers are in the system in which we operate and that we inspire capability in ourselves.  Her approach is unlike anything else you will have come across and this book is an insight into Caitlin’s work and how she developed Systemic Modelling ®, the name for her process for supporting groups to find sustainable solutions.

Jayne Hazlewood


Our vision is a world in which leaders, educators and families engage in deep self-reflection and systems thinking. One in which people are inspired and feel capable of paying exquisite attention to themselves and to one another and finding more joyful and effective ways to work and live together.

Our mission is to bring together diverse individuals and groups in the public, private and voluntary sector and to introduce them to clean questions, metaphor models and the skills of systemic modelling. Facilitating groups to develop collective trust and peer coaching skills so that they can become learning communities.

We work with CEO’s, community leaders and our most disenfranchised citizens, anyone who wants to facilitate themselves and others to find their own solutions to complex problems.

We’re available for 1-1 consultation, organisational development, culture change, in-house training and coaching. We’re always interested in sharing new ideas, collaborating on joint ventures and researching our work.

We’d like to invite you to read a case study, watch a video clip, order a copy of Caitlin’s book, sign up for our newsletter or simply give us a call.