Inspiring Capability in Organisations

At Training Attention we create intelligent networks of attention across groups, enabling them to make the most of the experience and expertise of each individual present.

Our mission is to support leaders, in all sectors, to build collaborative, sustainable, peaceful and highly effective organisations.

Our vision is to grow our network, slowly and intelligently, in local and global partnerships, testing and refining our work and supporting the world to move from contempt and conflict, towards curiosity and collaboration.

Recent Blog Posts

Using Systemic Modelling to Support Student Teachers to Learn through Reflection

Within Teacher Education, a key issue is helping students to understand how to reflect, what to reflect on and when to engage in the process that leads to high quality reflection and learning. Systemic Modelling and clean questions are tools that give student teachers the ‘how’ of reflection. Find out how they were used to improve results at Liverpool John Moores University.

When is Public Sector Training a Waste of Time?

The frustration of lots and lots of bits of public sector training that don't quite result in sustainable change.

What to do when developing your team puts retention at risk

We help to develop high performing teams to work out how to be at their best.

This self-actualisation regularly results in them leaving the company that commissioned us.

We are not exempt from this phenomenon. By the time we have invested in our own people so that they are brilliant at facilitating our clients, they often find out what they really want to do with their lives and it often isn't working full time for us anymore.

What a bind!

What would we like to have happen? What experiences do other people have? What shall we do now?

Engaging vulnerable adults to become more resilient - through Clean Interviewing

You’ve probably read the stories about vulnerable adults falling victim to scammers. Some people are losing their life savings, their sense of wellbeing and their peace of mind. The scammers target them through the Internet, door-to-door and through mail scams.

One of the troubles with victims of scams is that they can feel too ashamed to tell anyone what is happening and so their families and friends and the service providers around them do not always know that they need help.

Local Authorities, wanting to tackle this problem, need the Interview skills to engage vulnerable adults in sharing personal information and being open to change. This way they can support their community to become more resilient and more scam-proof. Clean Interviewing is one door step technique designed to do just this.

Caitlin Walker on TEDx

Caitlin Walker, founder of Training Attention, has written her first book about this work, "From Contempt to Curiosity: Creating the Conditions for Groups to Collaborate using Clean Language & Systemic Modelling."

She spent 15 years working with diverse groups from disaffected teenagers, to senior leaders in business and education. Along the way she developed Systemic Modelling, a methodology for encouraging groups to move away from drama and towards collective trust.

The book plots her journey from being an innovative youth worker, to developing a highly-sought-after business consultancy, through a series of authentic and ground-breaking stories.

You can read how Systemic Modelling has been used for developing collective trust within classrooms and businesses and communities which in turn creates a context for groups to make the most of one another’s expertise and experience and to begin to collaborate in new and emergent ways.